- Calculate average BCH block time

- That number (odd or even) determines which users receive refunds

Block: 659374
Date/Time: 2020-10-30 11:29:31
unknown miner

Block: 659373
Date/Time: 2020-10-30 11:08:29

Block: 659372
Date/Time: 2020-10-30 10:51:36

Block: 659371
Date/Time: 2020-10-30 10:13:32

Block: 659370
Date/Time: 2020-10-30 10:12:29
unknown miner

Time between above blocks is: 00:21:2

Time between above blocks is: 00:16:53

Time between above blocks is: 00:38:4

Time between above blocks is: 00:1:3

Average block time is: 00:19:16

Remove colon punctuation and leading zeros: 1916

1916 is an even number (not odd). If refunds ran at this moment all even numbers would be refunded 190% of their admission price.

(^ blocks data breaks every night at the same time. Fixing this soon.)

- NEP deposit address (SLP) (testing, do not send if you are not a tester):

Nephilim NEP SLP BCH deposit addresssimpleledger:qr4rhvcwj4aatslvw839wg4yz3cs82gz6v0drjzxp0

NEP app balance: 0 NEP

- Admission price: 5 NEP (do not send other amount)

odd (order received in) deposits

f772d69e413f99bb1ac29144b8bbe409cd7aba7a14021b08c86ba82b0406b1f2 (5)

3fa6670c82308b58e178bbbe7e5cbbc0c965e91928475d58f2a86aee28cfb6c9 (5)

325187ceeceb73a4a2bff5a972505dc7774654b039757b0199633f1d2a602c56 (5)

63fadd5bba6c6658597df9bd95043deabecd785e7c6a5aed87943bd7eada1b96 (5)

559083e89d379967c4e66a2c4430bc3e5d0e20d9032ca32cf3a11194b5265c3d (5)

even (order received in) deposits

3aae6b40565e1231a5b78aa7763180c98aee9e9b4330b2ae122cb6a1f6e3d7a3 (5)

69c40009ffbf30f345402592936c1fd82a9f0806ab07014e421466153c3b25e4 (5)

0744d97aa388bf585a2c1e3225261555cdbcd64c80d4745e4f16b5be9ed293a9 (5)

c4793d9b013429770898f0c36678a863745c1c86bc6d6bb8b818d70d2c05885d (5)

dca744a1829b5142dbf2dcdb1fe7cc5f3867ffcb82e2b8a4d97cf04ec1fc9d69 (5)

- Build 'send-to-many' transaction to send refunds

- Use BCH change addresses (convert to slpAddr) and odd or even numbered deposits

- Validate the SLP transaction

- Send transaction


- Refunds (190%) sent and the other 10% (or 5% of the total) sent to NEP creator (all transactions sent from deposit address)

simpleledger:qzhx63thj7t75scrvg4z2st42navqteq8vp6mra0sy (9.5)

simpleledger:qzxurum5yvvkd3mlnpydp4l0auwdd5llvs25lat563 (9.5)

simpleledger:qzd9z825nptmsvnn2rk4vnmlmavrtzymrv69jlagse (9.5)

simpleledger:qra8gsj4pm8exf6qvpsjdmavljyrdnhgnghv2lud0m (9.5)

simpleledger:qrlysv3uu2zm0e7nenhqev2h2yptrz2ltsr8paymv9 (9.5)

simpleledger:qrs35cff7duhxv9k7yzhm7y760u9z2lwdy56cf8fvw (2.5)

(^ the response above breaks sometimes when refreshing the page. Please try refreshing again if needed. Fixing this soon.)

- The whitepaper states that NEP is a pastime.

I think the pastime should be some sort of exclusive content (example, videos or 24-hour live streams (and maybe think about including paid advertising during that)) which both the refunded and the non-refunded have access to for the day.

- How to provide access to the pastime?

NEP is a dApp (writing it in Rust) but for the moment just trying to build out something that would work as a web app sitting on a server so maybe for the moment links which can only be viewed in one browser at a time.

How to get the links to the refunded and non-refunded? There are no user accounts.

Maybe it can be done by signing a specific message with their private key and the signature can be used to gain access to a link. Not sure yet how this is going to work (it'll get figured out).

The user's private key would need to be for their BCH change address (specifically for the address which was used in their SLP transaction deposit).

NEP dApp does not have a login. No user accounts, no user wallets and does not generate keys for users. Users can use any wallet which both supports SLP tokens and provides access to private keys.

Nephilim (NEP) whitepaper:
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