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GoCrypto (GoC)

Whitepaper: not available

ANN: not available

Official website: gocrypto.com


Explorer 1: explorer.bitcoin.com/bch/token/3f83fa9f168f01d68933ef5fdb77143b2376ba7bf3a78175258861982d90d500

Explorer 2: simpleledger.info/#token/3f83fa9f168f01d68933ef5fdb77143b2376ba7bf3a78175258861982d90d500

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Gocrypto SLP Token Starts Trading on Bitcoin.com Exchange
by Avi Mizrahi
November 25, 2019


On 25 November 2019, the Gocrypto (GOC) token will start trading on Bitcoin.com Exchange. The new SLP token enables merchants with physical or online stores to accept instant crypto payments from different digital wallets with millions of users and to receive settlement in their local fiat.

The native token of Eligma, formerly known as ELI, is now called the Gocrypto token (GOC) and its about to be listed on the Bitcoin.com Exchange following a successful migration to the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token system on the bitcoin cash blockchain. The listing will enable millions of BCH community members to access the GOC token, which is one of the four cryptocurrencies that can be used for shopping at any of the more than 620 Gocrypto spots in several countries that accept the Bitcoin.com Wallet as well as the Elly app.